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Scope of Services

Re-inventing consumer justice

Our firm believes in dealing with our clients in an open and honest manner. At the end of the day, a person is not defined by his beliefs, but only his actions. Our firm pledges to perform the following acts for you as your attorney:

  1. Personally meet with you for your initial evaluation;
  2. Answer your questions and deal with your concerns;
  3. Set goals for resolving the case;
  4. Respond to client either via phone, email, or regular mail on a prompt and timely manner;
  5. Educate client on all the steps necessary to successfully resolve an accident and injury claim;
  6. Recover and review lien's insurance policy and go over the exact terms of the coverage with the client;
  7. Offer advice to client regarding their current insurance policy and what type of insurance coverage they should be interested in purchasing;
  8. Put both client's and at-fault insurance companies on notice of our representation;
  9. Retrieve and review the at-fault party's insurance coverage and report same to our client;
  10. Gather all information available from the incident. this includes, photos, police reports, witness statements, and any records that may exist;
  11. Provide analysis of all potential legal issues, such as workers compensations immunity, vicarious liability, comparative negligence, and whether or not any other party may share in the responsibility of your injury;
  12. Gather all medical records from treatment due to this incident;
  13. Gather all available and relevant medical records from prior injuries or incidents;
  14. Gather and keep track of all medical bills that accrue as a result of this incident;
  15. Gather all insurance and PIP payment information;
  16. Discuss client's treatment directly with their doctors if necessary;
  17. Gather all lien information from any insurance carriers that may have a right to recover against client as a result of the medical treatment provided;
  18. Request all narrative reports from all doctors treating client. These records should always include impairment ratings, diagnosis, and prognosis opinions;
  19. Determine whether or not an insurance company has the actual right of repayment for medical treatment provided;
  20. Analyze all property damage issues involved in the case;
  21. Review all options with client, including the steps and time frames necessary to litigate a case;
  22. Determine and locate expert witnesses, if necessary;
  23. Prepare and send a very detailed Demand package in an effort to settle claims with responsible insurance companies prior to filing law suit;
  24. Upon settlement, negotiate all outstanding medical with medical providers;
  25. Upon settlement, review all language found in the release and settlement and make all of the necessary changes;
  26. Assist client in the necessary discovery requests made by opposing counsel;
  27. Personally prepare client for depositions;
  28. Take sworn testimony of all the defense witnesses;
  29. Schedule and personally handle mediations;
  30. Trial of the case.

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